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Specialist Screed Solutions can supply and install underfloor heating.

Underfloor Heating is a modern, highly cost effective and efficient form of heating the floor zone that can either be generated through electric or hydronic (water) systems. It delivers efficient, invisible, controllable warmth where required.

It can be installed in conjunction with traditional screeds, fast drying screed and free flowing screeds.


Energy Efficient

  • Full scope of floor insulations to comply with Building Control
  • Controllable and invisible heating
  • Lifetime guarantee with all components purpose made and rigorously researched and tested
  • A complete maintenance free system
  • Saving up to 30 per cent compared with conventional heating systems.
  • Green – Aids compliance with demands for thermal integrity in new buildings.
  • Safer – no potentially dangerous hot surfaces exposed.
  • Healthier – reduces airborne bacteria, dust, dust mites, pollens, draughts, condensation and damp.
  • Space saving – housed out of sight under the floor, unlike systems such as radiators, does not take up much needed space.
  • Controlled – individual heat for different zones of a building.
  • Free design service from our own professional team.
  • Lifetime guarantee with all components purpose-made and rigorously researched and tested.
  • A complete maintenance free system from one supplier.

Under Floor Heating is ideal for a wide-range of environments, both new-build and refurbishment, including:

  • Schools, universities, colleges and nurseries
  • Hospital and nursing homes
  • Sport and leisure complexes
  • Homes, apartments and hotels
  • Airports and shopping centres
  • Public Buildings