At Specialist Screed (Flooring) Solutions we offer screed testing services.

We use the following tests to assess the quality of screeds. Ensuring we can pinpoint potential issues in early stages which limits the potential of significant issues further down the line. We ensure the screeds meet quality standards and are fit for purpose. This elevates the associated additional costs if the screed needed lifting and replacing.

Surface Regularity Test

How is it used?

It is measured by 2m straight edge level flat tool on the surface, it is then measured with a slip gauge.

BRE Drop Hammer Test

How is it used?

To identify strength of a screed or screed collapses to determine weakness.

A weight of either 2-4kg is dropped at a distance from 1m to strike the face of the screed at varying locations depending on the size of the floor area. A depth gauge is then used to measure the indentations.

Calcium Carbide Moisture Test

How is it used?

A small core section of the screed is removed and inserted into portable system vessel containing a flask with a pressure gauge and weighing device. A reagent is then mixed to activate the acetylene gas which raises the pressure in the flask which in turn is proportionate to the moisture in the core sample.

Datum Tests

How is it used?

The master datum (the reference point) is set and a levelling survey is carried out. An electronic laser measure is used throughout the building to determine levels. It is more accurate than traditional surface regularity tests.