Stone Carpets create a seamless, even textured, attractive finish, in a wide range of natural or coloured stones. Stone Carpets have so many unique features it is simply unrivalled by any other floor type. A striking alternative to traditional carpet, tiles, vinyl or wood.

This system is used in luxury houses, showrooms, retail outlets, offices and commercial buildings both internally and externally.

A stone carpet is a seamless wall to wall stone carpet system which is extremely durable and available in a wide variety of coloured marble, quartz and glass sourced from across Europe.

Due the versatility and extensive range of colours and finish we can cater for every customer’s needs. We can include logos, motifs allowing you to create a unique bespoke floor.

Stone carpets can be installed over our screed and underfloor heating systems.

The wear-resistance, on the other hand, is that of a tile. Stone carpets have the additional benefits that dust falls in between the pores over it and that it nevertheless can be removed easily with a normal vacuum cleaner.

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    Depending on where the quartz or marble carpet will be fitted, different systems are available. If the floor is to be fitted outdoors (e.g. patio) or in a place with a lot of sunlight, it may be recommended to use polyurethane (PU) coloured quartz grains, because they are 100% resistant to UV radiation. It is also recommended to use a polyurethane binding agent, because epoxy generally yellows more, is not so flexible and gets brittle under the influence of UV light.

    We do recommend to varnish the floor with a PU (=UV protection coat + extra wear coat).

    For rooms such as toilets or bathrooms there is, for hygiene reasons, the possibility to seal the stone carpet. This means the pores are largely filled with a transparent mass which makes it almost impossible for dirt to penetrate the stone carpet.