A traditional semi-dry cement screed is one of the most common type of floor-screeds often used in retail and commercial developments. These types of cement screed are often pumped using a screed pump and laid by hand using rules to achieve a smooth trowelled finish with the composition consisting of a 1:5 sand & cement mix with appropriate water.

Traditional cement screed can be laid bonded (direct to the sub-base), Un-bonded (on a membrane) or Floating (incorporating floor insulation) often incorporating fibre reinforcement.

Traditional sand and cement screeds have no additives to assist curing times or to improve the strength of the floor and are often seen as the basic form of floor screeds.

Normal strength of traditional screeds will range from 15-20N/mm2 depending on the quality of the sand and type of cement used in the mix.

Depth of floor-screed can range from 25mm – 100mm + depending on sub-base, bonding agent and type of floor construction and use of the floor screed.

Traditional cement screed can also be delivered premixed from manufacturers to avoid the use of on-site mixing.

Daily output – 100m2 – 200m2 per day based upon one gang.