Polymer Screed is similar to Traditional Cementitious except incorporating an additive to enhance drying times and to strengthen the floor screed. A typical example of a polymer screed is an Isocrete K screed where a powder additive is added to each mix to produce and early drying and high strength screed. Another example of these types of polymer screed are a Mapei Topcem where the cement is replaced with a 25kg bags to achieve improved results.

Normal strength of traditional screeds will range from 20-30N/mm2+ depending on the quality of the sand and type of cement / additives incorporated within the mix.

Depth of floor-screed can range from 20mm – 100mm + depending on sub-base, bonding agent and type of floor construction and use of the floor screed.

Polymer modified screeds are normally incorporated on Commercial Projects or projects where strength and early drying is required.

Polymer screed can also be delivered premixed from manufacturers to avoid the use of on-site mixing.

Daily output – 100m2 – 200m2 per day based upon one gang.